Insane Chest Workout/작극 넘치는 가슴 운동

Try these exercises for your next chest workout:

Incline Barbell Press 4 X 8
Incline Dumbbell Press 4 X 10
Flat Barbell Press 4 X 10
Arnold Press 4 X 10
Standing Military Press 4 X 8
Weighted Dips (25lbs – 10kg) 3 X 12
Incline Cable Fly – 3 X 12

추천 해드리는 가슴 운동 루틴입니다:

인클라인 바벨 프레스 4 X 8
인클라인 덤벨 프레스 4 X 10
플랫 바벨 프레스 4 X 10
아놀드 프레스 4 X 10
밀리터리 프레스 4 X 8
웨이티드 딥스 (25lb – 10kg) 3 X 12
인클라인 케이블 플라이 3 X 12

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What’s up everyone.
My name is Chang Park and starting this for fun since I love the process of fitness. I have been working out for a couple of years and taking a bit further every year. Join my journey as I progress, grow, and get aesthetic.

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